IFAC Workshop
Aerospace Guidance, Navigation and Flight Control Systems
(AGNFCS' 09) Samara, RUSSIA June 30 - July 2, 2009
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V.P. Shorin, Prof.,
Acad. of RAS
Samara Scientific Center,
Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
3 a Studenchesky Lane, 443001, Samara, RUSSIA
Phone: +7(846) 337 53 81
Fax: +7(846) 337 82 79
Email: agnfcs09@ssc.smr.ru


The Workshop is associated with important jubilee dates for

Central Specialized Design Bureau (TsSKB),  
founded in 1959, now
State Research-Production Space-Rocket Center
 (SRP RSC) “TsSKB-Progress”,



Acad. M.F. ReshetnevNauchno-Proizvodstvennoye Obyedineniye Prikladnoy Mekhaniky” (NPO PM), founded in 1959, now JSC “Information Satellite Systems” (ISS) Reshetnev Company,



Samara State Aerospace University (SSAU) , founded in 1942. 

    A major goal of the Workshop is to bring together aerospace researchers and engineers for the discussion of contemporary research and development, and general perspectives in aerospace guidance, navigation and flight control systems.  

Industrial companies are invited to participate in product exhibition, please contact the organizers.

agnfcs09@ssc.smr.ru Sites: Russian katalog Aheles blog
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