IFAC Workshop
Aerospace Guidance, Navigation and Flight Control Systems
(AGNFCS' 09) Samara, RUSSIA June 30 - July 2, 2009
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Submission site

Samara Pictures


V.P. Shorin, Prof.,
Acad. of RAS
Samara Scientific Center,
Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
3 a Studenchesky Lane, 443001, Samara, RUSSIA
Phone: +7(846) 337 53 81
Fax: +7(846) 337 82 79
Email: agnfcs09@ssc.smr.ru


For Russian participants the Organizing Committee will send

an electronic information letter in Russian.  

All AGNFCS’09 foreign participants will be provided with a visa support

and the hotel accommodation by the Workshop host organization

Samara Scientific Center, the Russian Academy of Sciences (SSC RAS).  

So as a participant will face absolutely no difficulties to receive the Russian visa in the Russian visa department at his or her country of residence.  

The SSC RAS will ensure your hotel accommodation: hotel ROSSIYA, which is situated at bank of Volga river, see http://agnfcs09.ru/hotel.html  

Please, fill the form below in the Word format

Surname (Family name, Last name)

Given name(s) (First Name)

Sex (Male or Female)
Date of birth dd.mm.yyyy


Place of birth (city, country)

Affiliation (University, Organization, Company)


Mailing address (House No, Street, City, Postal ZIP, Country for the visa voucher to be sent)

Job position

Your job phone number

Your job fax number (for the visa voucher to be sent)

Passport number

Please take into account that your passport is to be valid at least 6 months after expiration date of the requested visa

Dates of expiry dd.mm.yyyy

Dates of staying in Russia From dd.mm.yyyy

To dd.mm.yyyy

Hotel ROSSIYA, please select a room (Single STANDART, Single SUPERIOR, DOUBLE SUITE or Single SUITE),

see http://eng.hotel-rossia.ru/rooms

Cities (except Samara) you are going to visit in Russia

Russian Consulate which do you assume to apply for the visa:

(City, Country)

Passport copy file: Electronic color copy of your passport

(image of pages containing your name and photo only).  

If you please, submit 1) the form in Word format and

2) the Passport copy file

to the Organizing Committee by E-mail: agnfcs09@ssc.smr.ru  

This information is need also for your participation in visit on the TsSKB-Progress.  

For any questions regarding the visa and hotel support, please contact the Organizing Committee via E-mail agnfcs09@ssc.smr.ru

agnfcs09@ssc.smr.ru Sites: Russian katalog Aheles blog
Copyright © 2008 Dep. "Dynamics and Motion Control", SSC RAS, Samara & The Lab. "Control of Complex Systems", IPME RAS, St. Petersburg
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